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The Stem Catch is a lightweight option to adapt a stem to a Strider Bike.  The Stem Catch eliminates the need for the handlebar clamp and uses the clamping device on the stem to secure the stem on the fork tube. In addition, since there is no need for a spacer that was necessary when using the stem adapter, it is possible to attach the stem to the lowest position. It includes an optional shim.
The Strider Pro has the smaller fork inner diameter. Please select correct Stem Catch for your Strider. 



 In some cases, but not all, when fixing the stem (steering wheel) to the Strider using the stem catch, it was confirmed that a sufficient fixed torque could not be obtained and the handle turns with the front tire fixed. 

Please refer to the following for the cause of these events and how to deal with it.

[Event] When 
the stem (handle) is fixed using the stem catch, the steering wheel is not fixed enough and turns.

① _ Strider vehicle> Front fork> When clearance (gap) between top tube inner diameter and stem catch outer diameter is large when inserting stem catch into top tube (image ❶)

② When using a product with a small tightening allowance range set for the mounting clamp of the stem (in the case of a product with narrow spacing between the stem clamp cracks) (Image ❷)

Due to the compatibility of the degrees of ① and ② above, it was confirmed that even if the stem clamp bolt was tightened up to the maximum, the gap of the crack of the stem clamp would come into contact before reaching a sufficient fixed torque. (Image ❸)

When this event is confirmed, it is impossible to obtain sufficient torque for fixation, and consequently, it is assumed that the stem (handle) will move with respect to the bike. (Image ❹)

[ Corrective action] When the 
fixing torque of the stem (handle) is insufficient 
___ Winding one or two turns of a vinyl tape (electrical tape) or the like to the upper end of the bike top tube according to the event level. (Image ❺)

② Attached the shim over the top end of the top tube on which the vinyl tape is wound. (Image ❻)

③ _ Stem mounting → Insert the stem catch body. (Image ❼)

④ Check that the gap remains between the clamps with the clamping bolts of the _ stem fully tightened.  Add more tape if nessarary. (Image ❽)

Finally, hold the handle with the front tire fixed and check that it will not move easily with respect to the handle shaft.

Explanation of cause and remedy is above. 
With regard to the event confirmed this time, it is an event caused by the relationship between the tolerance of each relevant part and the permissible setting of the product (stem) to be used. Although it has been confirmed that the above-mentioned countermeasure method improves the event by the verification up to the present, in the case where improvement is not seen, it is necessary to stop using the stem catch from the viewpoint of safety and / Please replace the stem with fixed torque.

Humbly thank you for your understanding of the cause of the event and how to deal with it, and appropriate judgment and cooperation by the user.


Material Aluminum alloy (6061)
Adapter body: Approximately 33 g 
Included Shim: Approx. 7 g / piece (1 inch · 10 mm)
Stem Attachment
Nominal diameter: 28.6 mm
Accessory parts Shim



Fits standard 28.6mm fork ID stems.
Recommended stem(s):
Stem Road B

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