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Strider Ultralight Wheel
Danya Johnston

Works great!

Amazing wheels. Quick shipping. They were perfect for our little dudes birthday bike.

Strider 12 Classic
Jose Ramirez
Great toddler bike

My son loves the bike Easy to put together simple for him to learn on happy with this bike all around just wish the seat wasn’t so hard but his diapers helps that lol can’t wait to upgrade it

Strider 12 Sport
Christian Sandoval
Haven’t even got my bike yet

Haven’t gotten my bike yet

Awesome quality.

Won’t need to replace these for a long time. Amazing quality and looks even better!


Upgraded strider wheels

As for performance and and durability, this is the best upgrade for your little ones strider. We live on a few acres and these easy rolling wheels and air filled tires allow the bike to maintain traction over a huge variety of terrain.

This is my second set, the first set my oldest is still riding daily after 3 years. Now its time to get the youngest one set up. :)

Strider 12 Pro
Chappy Fiene
Strider With Upgrades

This Little 12 strider is the perfect foundation to do a wild build for your little one wit hall that parts and accessories that Wild Child Bikes has to offer.

This company is always so great to work with and communication is excellent. I've been referring my friends here for years and everyone continues to have the same results!

Thanks Wild Child Bikes!


Perfect upgrade for a tall 3 year old

My 3 year old has used a 12-inch balance bike since she was just about 2 years old, then she hit a huge growth spurt and suddenly her old bike was way too small. She is not yet ready for a pedal bike, so this was the perfect upgrade. Assembly was easy, the quality is top-notch, and she loves her new bike. On the first time out, she was picking up more speed and gliding better than she ever did on the smaller bike. For reference, she is 41 inches tall and has an inseam of about 18.5".

Oh Man, these are the way!

Our almost 2 year old is now trail riding because of these wheels and tires. Her confidence level tripled when we added these. Get them!!

Strider 14x Wheels

I purchased these wheels in blue for my boys 14x and they look better than the pics on the website. These wheels are not blank like the photos above but actually look like the onyx series wheels with the WCB Racing, 14er, and whildchild bikes logo on the side. The wheels are a little heavier than the specs state. Mine weighed in at around 3/4lb each. These wheels with stock tires and tubes dropped the weight by around 2lbs. Overall these wheels are extremely nice and fit perfect on the 14x. Super happy with the purchase.

Strider 12 Classic
ashlee badowski

great little bike.

Information when available

Wild Child Pro Wheels V2
Robert Freeburn
Machinist approved

Wheels arrived running completely true - concentric and wobble free.

The axle/ bearing arrangement spaces and loads the inner bearing races for smooth running.

The wheels roll so freely that my 3 year old can go a lap around the driveway with one kick.

They look great too - the finish was flawless.

Super happy.

Strider full face helmet works

Great lightweight full face helmet to protect young riders! Our 3 year old loves it!

Fantastic Wheels!

These wheels were the perfect touch for the rebuild I did on a strider bike for my son’s birthday. I was a little hesitant on spending that much for this build but I’m super glad I did. The quality is top notch and they are super smooth/fast! I’d highly recommend a set if you are thinking about upgrading a bike for your little one.


It’s an awesome learner balancer and paddle bike , height and design is perfect and comfortable only thing I would change is the paddles just a little to small


Got a bunch a great products. Customer service is just excellent. Missed an item, they shipped it right away. My sons strider went from a $5 goodwill find to a badass wildchild build. Wheels&tires, daddylab stem, headsets, handlebar and grips.

Timely and precise!

Got exactly what we needed. Worth the wait. Great communication with seller.

Stem Catch
Levi Gager

iWorks perfect

Strider 12 Sport

We haven’t given it our son yet. We will in June for his second birthday but I just know he will have a blast it will be great to get him started

Strider 12 Sport
Jodi Fahey

Love it

Top notch

My youngest is loving the new wheels. Excellent product and customer service. Worth it for sure!

Route Package Protection
Elizabeth Dale

Been waiting for a refund. Bike not received

Route should be getting back to you soon. They are not available during a weekend and the holidays are causing them delays.