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Give your Strider Bike buttery smooth turning with the Wild Child Headset. By replacing the stock plastic bushing in the Striders head tube (the part of the frame where the fork goes through), our lightweight sealed bearing headset gives the bikes steerer zero resistance. The Wild Child Headsets gives the bike the same performance steering action as high-end adult bikes.

Strider Bike must have either a stem adapter or quill stem to be able to work properly. 


It is highly recommended to have a professional install this headset.

Some older style Striders you must use a spacer. Those can be found here.

The installation of this headset is the same as an installation of a regular pedal bike.  Special tools and/or knowledge for the installation is a must. It is recommended to take the bike to a bike shop for installation or if you are a handy person. 

By buying this part you agreeing that Wild Child Bikes is not responsible for any damages done to the headset or bike for, but not limited to, improper installation or removal of the headset. When installing or removed properly it does not harm to the bike or part. 


Here is a video of a typical install. 


Please read the "MUST READ" tab before attempting to install this headset. 


 Material Alloy Aluminum
Diameter 29.6mm (Head Tube)
Coloring Anodized Aluminum
Weight 63+/- g
Bearing Steel Sealed Bearings
Fits: Strider 12 Classic/Sport/Pro & 14X

Customer Reviews

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Jason Prado
WildChild Strider headset

Well constructed aluminum cup headset with sealed bearings. If you want to turn your kids strider into a real bike this is one of the best upgrades you can buy at a good price.

Tom V.
Worth it

I was at first hesitant about whether the headset would be worth it, especially given it means needing a new stem and bars too. I knew the wheelset with knobby tires would be a huge upgrade, but I was ordering before we actually had the stock Strider itself. How bad could the stock steering really be? Ultimately I went for it because 1.) I'm a sucker for my girl and just want to spoil her with the best and 2.) the gold color would just look sweet, although spacers could handle color accents for cheaper. Then we got the Strider and oh my, were the stock plastic bushing horrible, I had no idea! Just like the wheelset, the bearings in the headset are super smooth and the steering feels so nice now. I did opt to install it myself with a homemade press and a good dose of anti-seize compound to prevent galvanic reaction between the aluminum headset and steel 12 Sport frame and had no real issues with it, but definitely if you're not that bike-mechanically inclined having a shop do it is a good call. I have zero regrets about spending the extra cash.

Headset Headaches

Nice quality but could use an instruction sheet as the video link on the website was not much help.
I had to go back to the website and look at the pictures to see which one went where.
Also should come with a spacer . The stem came with one but the inside OD was way too large.

Anyways.....it is nice and took my kid a little while to get used to it as it no longer has any drag like the plastic bushings that comes standard on the striders.

Not all Striders are built equally. Steering tube length can vary depending on the production run of the bike, even within the same model number. While some need a spacers, others don't. Due to the technical install and the need to adapt to unforeseen problems, we recommend having a bike shop install the headset. We are sorry the install gave you a 3 star impression for the product but are happy you are pleased with the outcome and performance of the product after you got the install sorted!

Ez Williams
Wild Child Headset

Received my product and was very impressed with the quality of the product. Installation was easy and smooth. If I had to buy it again I’d definitely buy it again. Thank you guys!

T Watson
Smooth and Precise

The Wildchild headset is one of the most significant upgrades for your strider. The headset is very high quality, like the rest of the Wildchild parts I have ordered, and makes the steering much more controlled and precise. I would recommend the headset for confident riders as, combined with the Daddylab stem and bars, it does make the steering more sensitive. It transforms the Strider and makes it handle like an adult bike. Combine this with the Wildchild Pro Wheel set and the Strider becomes a totally different bike.

Thanks to Wildchild for taking the time to answer my questions and we now have the coolest Strider in Scotland.