2018 Strider World Cup Championships

2018 Strider World Cup Championships

August 05, 2018

The Strider Cup World Championships in Boulder, CO did not disappoint.  316 children from all over the world came to compete in the Colorful State of Colorado and to show off their skills, have fun, and enjoy some friendly and exciting competition.

Strider racers from 15 different countries sped around the obstacle course, over mini hills and through technical sections to see who would be named the fastest rider in the World for their class.

Wild Child Bikes had an amazing time, we were thrilled to have been invited to the race and given the opportunity to meet all of these awesome kiddos from around the world and to provide them with upgraded parts for their bikes.  We’ve never seen so many sweet looking bikes in our lives!!!

Strider champions were crowned in the 2-and-under, 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old classes. The open 14x class crowned its big winner as well (which was a World Championship first) – see Strider Bikes for some additional information and race results.

For more information on the race check out the awesome links:

Boulder Daily Camera Article

Boulder Daily Camera Photo Slideshow

FOX 31 Live Boulder World Cup






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