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With the holidays, just around the corner and us all in shopping mode here is a list to get you going. This is the year to buy less toys and give more gifts that will allow your family to have memorable experiences year-round. The earlier you start your children the better, the experiences they will have is irreplaceable.
For those of you who are shopping or need ideas on what to get. Wild Child Bikes has made a big fat gift guide for those people in your life that love to bike.

Strider Bike

Strider 12 pro

Because a happy child that is learning to bike can not be beat. These skills are lifelong achievements for your child.  Striders lightest and best balance bike.

Strider skis

If you live in a cold location with snow well good news, your child can ride their bike year round.

strider rocking base

For those little ones in your life that aren’t able to control a bike just yet, let them rock out on this amazing add on for your bike. 

Daddylab X-wheel

If your child loves to bike, let them progress even further with some sturdy wheels that will prepare them for pedal bike.

Daddylab handle- bars

If you’re going to upgrade your wheels, why not add a matching handlebar to the mix.

Full face helmet

When your child is ready to start biking in the big leagues, AKA racing, help protect those sweet little faces with a full face helmet.

Plae Shoes

If you’re a parent you know how rough your kids are on their shoes, well these shoes are both good looking and functional and you won’t regret this purchase.

Daddylab Stems

You will need this to put handlebars on your Strider bike. Extremely safe design and lightweight.

Fatboy Mini bmx

Yeah, I know your child loves to bike, but so does dad. Give him a bike that is small like your child’s balance bike with the capability to trick out and keep up with the little ones.

handlebar grips

The perfect stocking stuffers! Allow your child to pick and choose how their handlebars look.