Fox Tail Kids Photo Submission

Every Friday is Fox Tail Friday and we post of picture of a fox tail kid. We would love to add a fox tail to your child and highlight them on our social media.

Please submit a high-quality photo taken at your child's height. This helps frames the photo to be from a child's perspective. Poses looking down from an adults height takes away from the wildly imaginative world they live in. 

By submitting a photo you agree to the following.

  • The child in the photo is yours.
  • You understand that we will use this photo in any manner we want for our social media pages and website.
  • Not every photo will be selected to superimpose a tail on it and that we may use the photo elsewhere.
  • Everyone in the photo agrees to be in the photo.
  • You will not submit too many photos. 
  • You agree to sign up for our mailing list.

Fill out the form below to submit a photo!

Thank you so much for being Wild with us!